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Safer surfacing & landscaping

We don’t just design the playground, the surfacing is very much part of the play area too. We want children to be able to play safely all year round and having the right all-weather surfacing will help them do just that.  We offer a few different options, and we can talk you through each one.

Some of our surfacing is better suited to different environments or age groups, and we can share our recommendations. Like when we design our playgrounds, we’ll always listen to your requirements first, get a better understanding of your needs, and together we can design and build a play area the children will play on for years to come. 

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Wood chip & bark

Wood chip and bark playground surfacing is a cost-effective option and has excellent impact absorbing qualities.

It’s easy to install and maintain, and creates a natural look, however it will degrade over time so will require topping up. Wood chip and bark, whilst technically different, are often used together, both of which are a by-product of timber processing, so it’s the most environmentally friendly and cost effective of all playground surfacing materials.

Standards require it to be 300mm deep which has to be accomplished with a dug out pit or timber wall.

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Grass mats

Grass mats are a low-cost surfacing option.

They’re individual mats which are easy to install and very durable. Made from soft rubber with an open lattice design, they allow the grass to grow through, so over time the mats themselves all but disappear. They have the added benefit of protecting the grass surface, and it’s even possible to sow grass seed through the lattice design.  They’re perfect for busy playgrounds, to create a safe and secure non-slip play area for children to play. 

Need help designing your play area?

Read more on how we can support you in your playground project with our simple step-by-step guide to how we design.

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Wet pour

The most popular of our playground surfacing and is what most people think of when they think of soft surfacing in play areas.

It’s also our favourite surfacing option! Available in different colours and designs, wet pour can add drama to your playground and make it stand out from the crowd.  Wet pour has so many benefits which is one of the main reasons it’s so commonly used. It reduces the impact from falls, meeting the critical fall height requirements.  It’s hard wearing, high quality and slip resistant, and requires very little looking after. Also, wet pour can be made to fit into any space, so if you have any awkward spaces, this could be the perfect option for you.

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Rubber bonded mulch

An increasingly popular surfacing for playgrounds. Used in conjunction with a permeable membrane it can be applied directly on top of soil, grass, crushed stone and even tarmac. It is made up of synthetic rubber chippings, held in place by a strong, durable resin binder. Available in a large selection of colours and is easily repairable.

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