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Bringing in new customers and giving existing customers a reason to return is undoubtedly paramount to your business. Being an attraction, you’ll need to cater for all visitors - one of which being families.  If the children are enjoying themselves and happy, then the parents will be just as happy too.  Installing a play area will do just that; whether that’s a fort or a ship, clubhouse or towers, play trails or swings - the possibilities are endless to create a play area suitable for all.

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How to:

Create your playground

Where do I start?

You’ve got the task of creating (or updating) a play area, whether there’s a focus on drawing existing customers back or attracting new ones, we realise this is an important investment into your business’ future. 

You may have lots of questions bubbling over in your mind and be thinking how/where do I begin this process? Don't worry, this is where we can help. We've been designing play areas for many years (since 1996), so we can certainly help get your project off the ground. 

Before we start, have a think about who your customers are and who you’d like to attract, what would you like to achieve and your objectives, what you and your customers like, and what they don’t. By doing this you’ll have a clearer picture, which you’ll then be able to share with us.

What will our play area look like?

This is where you’ll start to see the brief and your ideas come to life.  It’s our job to go that one step further and create a playground with wow factor for you and your customers. We want to make sure we’re creating a play area that families with children will want to come back to time after time.

We often find, customers love to hear about new features and attractions, so why not involve them! We’ll create a design which can be seen by all, focus groups and feedback forms are great ways to get their thoughts. After all, it’ll be these same families using the play area.

If we haven’t got the design quite right initially or you’d like to make some changes after customer feedback, no problem, we’ll make any amends. Once you’re happy, we’ll send you the final design, renders and quote. If we’re good to go, we’ll book the installation day.

What do we need to know?

We always start the project with a conversation, tell us what you're thinking - your wants, wishes, and any challenges.  We often find on this call, you’ll do most of the talking and we’ll do the majority of the listening (even if it’s sharing what you don’t like). 

We’ll continue to have more and more discussions as we get to know your business and you get to know ours. Then we’ll begin nailing down the specifics.

We ask details, which include: 

  • Space and location
  • Age and ability of the children
  • Must haves, wants and wishes
  • Bringing your attraction and uniqueness into the design, making it just for you
  • Your time frames, when works for you and when doesn’t.
  • Budgets

After these conversations we’ll create a brief, this is to make sure we’ve got everything we’ve talked about written down, and also to make sure we’re both on the same page. Once agreed, we’ll start designing.

How do you build/install your play equipment?

After our conversations, briefs and design, the install day(s) is the icing on the cake.  It’s at this point we start to build your new playground in our workshop, the more we do before we install means less disruption on the day (and we'll always work around you to find a day which is convenient).

And there you have it, from concept to build. Your very own playground is ready to be played on by children and enjoyed for many years to come.

What about wear, tear, and maintenance?

Now the play area is finally ready, and kids are using and abusing it, this is where your need for lasting quality and sturdiness has proven to be a great decision.

To make sure they’ve got as many years of play & enjoyment ahead as possible, thanks to the unrivalled quality of our tradesmen and timber, your new play area benefits from a 12-month guarantee against all workmanship defects and a 20-year guarantee against timber failure. This means a complete piece of mind and knowledge that’ll last for years to come. 

However, we’re no dreamers, and as much as it pains us to say it, sometimes, no matter how infrequently, things do go wrong - we know a problem shared is a problem halved - that's why we want you to let us know as soon as possible to make sure we’re there to help resolve the issue. We can provide advice, and resources, or if you’d prefer us to maintain your playground, that’s no problem, we offer maintenance packages to suit your needs.

These are all the things you’d expect when choosing Home Front, we think these should go without saying, but if you’d like to learn more about why we are so trusted and respected in our industry then look no further. But don't just take our word for it - see what are clients have to say as well - check out our reviews & testimonials.

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