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When buying a climbing frame, you’ll naturally have questions.  We’ve listed below some of the frequently asked questions below, but if you need any help, simply get in touch.

What happens if the space is not flat and level?

We know not all surfaces are flat, but you may still want your children to enjoy a climbing frame in your garden.  That’s ok, our climbing frames are designed to be built on even, or uneven surfaces.  If you use our installation service, our install team is a dab hand at building the frame in your garden, always ensuring the desks and swing beams are level. 

Can we move our play area once it's been installed?

All our garden climbing frames can be dismantled, moved and rebuilt, we’ve got all the instructions you’ll need.  It’s at this point you may want to change your configuration or even add more accessories. 

Can I build the climbing frame myself?

The short answer is yes, and we can give you all the instructions you’ll need.  However, we’ve been installing climbing frames for many years, so we think of ourselves as experts.  Our install team will take away all the hassle of building your climbing frame, so you can sit back whilst they work.  And before you know it, the kids (and sometimes adults) will be spending many evenings and weekends enjoying it.

Are your climbing frames suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Toddlers to teenagers, and big kids too.  Our garden climbing frames come in all shapes and sizes, some are more suitable for younger kids and some for teenagers. We also have a lot of choice when it comes to the accessories, so you can really make your climbing frame your own. 

Can I have a climbing frame in my small garden?

We’ll always design your climbing frame to suit the space available, so we’d recommend taking a look at the Canyon and Jungle Adventurers. The footprints are smaller and you can add accessories to fill the space and make it more exciting for children to play on. 

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