Playground Ships


Playground Ships

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Perfect for a school playground or any play area with some sort of nautical theme here are our Playground Ships. Of course they include all the traditional play activities such as slides, climbing nets  and the rest, but with the added benefit of adding a real adventure play element. There are places for the bold play captains to direct the action as well as cosy compartments for secret meetings. And as well as these traditional play activities you can add a shade sail to protect the young sailors from the sun while stressing the naval theme. And they are not just for schools either – if your pub is by the sea, near a lake or river or has some sort of naval link why not make your beer garden a special place for families with one of our fabulous Adventure Ships ?

Adventure Ships from Mini Ships to Mega Ships


Below you can see our range of adventure play ships from the Mini Ship which is ideal for the smaller area or younger users to the massive Mega Ship which is loaded with all sorts of playground activities. And of course we can design and build  that bespoke custom ship for your own play area.

You can browse some examples of previous designs we have done; here is a page of previous Adventure Ship installations.

And you can read a case history of  a custom designed playground which incorporated one of our fabulous Mega Ships plus a mini fort.


Nursery School Playground with mini ship play installation Playground Adventure Ship Home Front Commercial Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Playground Ships Custom designed Megaship Commercial Play Equipment
Mini Ship – A simple 1.5m x 1.5m deck with side/back rails, ladder, lower enclosure and bow section. Total length 4.5m plus whatever accessories you want to add. Standard Adventure Ship – This has a single bridge deck with lower cabin walls, a wood roof plus a GRP slide, rock wall, cargo net and a forward section with a mast, portholes and anchors. Overall width 1.8m. Super Ship – as above but comes with two bridge decks with a walkway connector, lower cabin walls, a roof over one deck and a shade sail over the other, a GRP slide, cargo net, rock wall and a forward section with mast, portholes and anchors. Overall width 1.8m, length 10m. Mega Ship –  has all the features of the Super Ship, but with a double bridge deck at the stern with play levels at 1.5m and 2.1m. This deck can be used to mount a fabulous enclosed spiral slide. This version also includes a small foredeck with railings. Overall width 1.8m, overall length of ship alone 1.75m.


Playground Ships – Accessories and Customisation

And why not personalise your Playground  Ship with one of our colourful accessories

– from left – Anchor – Flag – Porthole – Ships Wheel – Waves

Home Front Commercial Residential Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Children System Timber Adventure Play Forts Ships Towers Home Front Commercial Residential Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Children System Timber Adventure Play Forts Ships Towers Home Front Commercial Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Playground Ship Accessories Home Front Commercial Playground Ships AccessoriesHome Front Commercial Playground Ships Accessories


And if you want to see some more examples of the sort of playground ships we can provide, click on our photo gallery.

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