Mountain Adventurer

With two playdecks at 1.5m and 2.1m, the Mountain Adventurer allows your young explorers to scale the heights. The 1.5m deck is the base camp, then a mini ladder gives access to the summit. Here you can fit either of our two longer slides or a super high rock wall or cargo net. The standard set includes four walls and two heavy duty vinyl tent tops.

The slideshow gives some examples we have already. Like all our systems you can customise the layout to suit your needs with different accessories.

Mountain Adventurer  £1995

Base package includes:

Double size lay tower with 1.5m and 2.1m high playdecks

Four walls (solid or slatted)

Two heavy duty vinyl tent tops.

Construct your own system or choose a pre-planned package:

Package #1

Package #2

Package #3

Package #4

Package #5

Package #6