Our Environmental Policy

Every form of manufacturing is going to have some kind of environmental impact, but with natural timber we are working with a natural resource which is infinitely renewable.

Here is our Environmental Policy


Home Front is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of residential and commercial playgrounds.

While recognising that our activities have an impact on the environment in terms of emissions, material usage and waste generation, it is the company’s policy to minimise this impact wherever possible.

Home Front Limited is committed to
– improving our environmental performance
– finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment
– complying with relevant legislation and best practice
Our policy includes, but is not limited to:

– use timber off-cuts to heat the factory unit to avoid use of fossil fuels for this purpose
– always re-use packaging materials and containers to minimise waste
– combine deliveries wherever possible to reduce transport emissions
– use the smallest delivery vehicles practical for the loads
– ensure vehicles are kept in good condition for maximum efficiency
– ensure all site operatives adapt best practice for disposing of waste

Home Front Limited commits to communicating this policy to all employees, sub-contractors, customers and suppliers and to providing on-going training in all aspects of the policy to all interested stakeholders. Home Front Limited furthermore commits to reviewing the policy on an annual basis and to adapt it in function of any changes in legislation or best practice. This policy is freely available to all business partners and the public


We use only top quality pressure-treated timber (Southern Yellow Pine from sensitively managed forests) and fixtures, fittings and accessories from the very best specialist suppliers to the commercial play market.