How much do people usually spend ?

We were asked this recently at a meeting where a potential customer was thinking of a new commercial playground development. And it got us thinking – how much do people actually spend ?

Clearly budgets aren’t limitless and there are always other calls on money apart from installing some fabulous new outdoor play equipment. We always try to bear this in mind when discussing projects and budgets but it is often hard to understand exactly how big the pot is. Sometimes the pot and the expectations are completely out of line, unfortunately, but usually we can find a way of providing something which fits the bill.

Of course there are always projects with a big five figure budget and that will normally make our job easier. You get a LOT for that sort of money in our range – have a look at the special and custom designs on our website for examples.

If this is not you then one option we suggest is expansion. Put something in now, and then, when more money is raised, extend the playground with new equipment. Our multiplay tower systems are ideal for this – just add a bridge (or crawl tube etc) and another clubhouse and you get a bigger, better play area. Or with a playtrail, simply extend it with some more pieces. As long as you plan for this in the original scheme then its quite feasible.

Another factor to take into account is the safer surfacing. Its much easier for many clients and fundraisers to justify the price of a playground with lots of activities. It makes an impact. You can see what you’ve paid for. However, when we start to price in the cost of the surfacing (which can swallow a good chunk of the money) it gets a bit harder. Obviously once you discuss H&S and risk of injury it makes sense, but the fact remains that if there is a limited pot of money available, many people are dismayed to see a third disappear on the treatment to the ground.

Our pricing is completely transparent, so you can get an idea of the equipment costs from the start. And in our catalogue we have examples of installations which are priced up so you can see the relationship between equipment and cost. You can order one of these from the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

But one thing to bear in mind, this is is an investmnent. It will last for years and continue to do its job of bringing in more clients (for a commercial venture) or entertaining children in a school, for example, for all this time.

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