How much do people usually spend ?

We were asked this recently at a meeting where a potential customer was thinking of a new commercial playground development. And it got us thinking – how much do people actually spend ? Clearly budgets aren’t limitless and there are always other calls on money apart from installing some fabulous new outdoor play equipment. We […]

Winter Maintenance

With the onset of Autumn and with Winter to follow there are some things to keep an eye on. One thing you may notice as the atmosphere gets damper is that some of the small “shakes” and splits in the timber have closed up. This is because having dried out over the summer (especially in […]

Play Equipment isn’t just about climbing and sliding

When you think about play equipment it’s tempting to think just about the obvious: climbing frames, slides, swings. These are important of course but its not the whole story. When designing or specifying a playground you need to give some thought to those children who aren’t going to be partaking in these activities. Perhaps they […]

Outdoor Play for Childhood Development

Why do we think outdoor play is so good for childhood development ? Of course children love to play and always have. In the natural world young animals often play too and this play helps them learn skills and equip them for life. This is also the case for humans. There are many physical and […]

How Green Really is Timber ?

Not such a strange question. We don’t mean green the colour, of course, but the ecological impact using timber has compared with the other materials available. Debates are raging on the damage we do to the planet with the things we do – air travel, “fast” fashion, cars and a host of other things have […]

Add a Look Out Platform

Here’s a great way to add an exciting accessory to your Jungle (or Mountain) clubhouse without taking up lots more room. A Look Out deck extends just a few feet from the standard clubhouse but transforms the look and play value. It creates an “inside/outside” feel and allows you to add even more climbing accesories. […]

What Will Happen to Safety Standards after Brexit ?

We have been asked this a couple of times; so we thought we’d put our thoughts on the matter down here. Firstly, there are a couple of myths about playground standards. You can read more about the main ones which apply to play equipment elsewhere on our site, but essentially there are 3 which concern […]

Shall we have a Swing on our Playground ?

We’ve always thought this was one of the trickiest areas when designing a commercial playground for a client. When we go through the initial brief and discuss what the scope of the play area is to be, in 75% of cases a swing will be somewhere on that list. And you can see why – […]

Commercial Playgrounds – now is the time to plan

Plan your Commercial Playground Bleakest mid winter and no-one is thinking about outdoor spaces and planning playgrounds. But this really is the time to start making those plans. Play equipment projects can take a remarkably long time to come to fruition, with several design alternatives and then pricing up each version. Then, once the order […]