Commercial Play Equipment

The range of commercial play equipment on the market can be daunting – we are very happy to give advice on what sort of equipment is best for your location, tell you what others have done in similar circumstances and help you with the obligations under EN1176 and EN1177 (the standards for commercial play equipment). We can produce CAD images of your project and supply fixed price quotations for the supply and installation of any of our equipment.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Do I need Planning Permission ?

Generally, yes. Most commercial environments require planning permission. If there is already equipment there you may be able to argue that you are just replacing like for like. And it may be possible to apply for retrospective planning once the equipment is installed. Its always a good idea to check with your local planners to see what their policy is.

I have a limited budget – do I have to use commercial equipment ?

There is no simple answer to this. First stop is your insurance company; some insist that commercial equipment is used in any commercial environment, others have a more relaxed attitude. Whatever you choose to do, be aware that you have a duty of care to any users of the equipment you provide. If, in the unfortunate event of a fall or accident, it was shown that the choice of equipment played a part, then you could have a liability. Of course we have seen lots of pubs etc with domestic equipment in and there is normally no problem. It comes down to the individual decision of the operator. One other point – not all domestic equipment is the same. While something may look great in a photo on the web, you should check carefully the standard of the build and fittings, the size of the timbers used and the stability. The old adage of you get what you pay for applies here as in most things.

Do I need Safer Surfacing ?

Again, sorry, no easy answer. EN1177 is the STANDARD covering commercial play equipment surfacing and it is quite detailed in terms of what should be done. But it is a standard, nothing more. There is no legal obligation for a commercial playground to use EN1177 surfacing, but we come back to the “duty of care” as above. If someone had an accident and the lack of surfacing played a part, then this could have implications. However if you had done a risk assesement and decided (perhaps because the grass was lush and long and the ground was soft) that you didn’t need it, then that would carry some weight. And as always, check with your insurance company.

Can I combine swings with my clubhouse ?

Yes you can – but to comply with EN1176 standards on safety zones any swing needs to be 1.5m from another structure. So you can put a swing beam on, but the first 1.5m needs to be empty. We think that looks a little silly, and of course it adds to your surfacing costs. And also, as swings are the one area which seems to attract the most accidents, we prefer to have them well away from any clubhouse where children are accessing slides, ladders, climbing walls etc.

Do I need to put a Safety Notice on my play area ?

The standard recommends it, and we think its a good idea. While you cannot, legally, disclaim your responsibility with a notice, its a good idea to show you have “rules”. Its a good idea to stipulate age groups too.


Residential Play Equipment

How do I choose the right equipment for our family ?
Even if you are shopping for play equipment when the children are very young, please bear in mind that as they grow their abilities and demands will increase. We think these jungle gyms should be a once only purchase – you don’t want to have to replace equipment that becomes too flimsy or uninteresting after a few years. With our modular design and vast range you can choose exactly what equipment you and your family want and know that you can keep adding to it in the future.

What happens if the space is not flat and level ?
Our systems are designed to cope with uneven ground, and are installed so that the deck and swing beam are always level whatever the slope in the ground. Depending on how severe the slope is this may have implications for swing heights and clearances, so please ask for guidance.

What happens if we want to move the play system ?
All our jungle gyms can be dismantled, taken to the new property and rebuilt. You can even take the opportunity of changing the configuration or adding more accessories if you want. Please request our FOC installation instructions before attempting any dismantling; or we can usually arrange to have it done for you.

What age children can use these jungle gyms ?
Unlike many companies we do not have maximum age limits; our equipment is strong enough for children of any age, including adults, to use. We recommend that the single and 1+1 swing beams be limited to children under 12. Children should always be supervised on any play equipment; this applies especially to very youn

How are these systems different to cheaper sets ?
Simple – superior components, stronger designs and larger timber sections. If you have the chance to compare one of our units alongside one if its competitors you will see where that extra money goes; lots more fixings (and all stainless steel), beautiful smooth-planed timber with rounded edges, chain hangings for swings and really solid build details. 

What about guarantees ?
We are so confident in the durability of our timber that we guarantee it for as long as you own the equipment! All our fixtures come with a 12 month guarantee. (See catalogue back cover for details).

What about installation ?
While most of our customers prefer us to build their equipment, we can provide easy-to-follow illustrated instructions to anyone who would like to install their own jungle gym. Remember, though, that this is big, heavy equipment. We charge £345 to build any single clubhouse system (Monkey Climber, Canyon, Jungle) and £545 for any two-deck system (Canyon Twin, Jungle Twin, Mountain, Lunar). Each extra clubhouse is then +£200 (eg Cosmic).

What maintenance do I need to do ?
European Safety regulations require that you check all fixings etc regularly, but apart from that the timber we use requires no ongoing repainting or restaining. An occasional coat of clear water sealer will help bring out the natural beauty of the wood.