Commercial Playgrounds – now is the time to plan

Plan your Commercial Playground

Bleakest mid winter and no-one is thinking about outdoor spaces and planning playgrounds. But this really is the time to start making those plans. Play equipment projects can take a remarkably long time to come to fruition, with several design alternatives and then pricing up each version. Then, once the order is placed, there is the lead time before actual delivery and installation.
And perhaps you have to do ground works too, before anything gets built.

I know that here at Home Front our lead times for playgrounds varies enormously. In the quiet spot just after Christmas we can often turn around an order within a week or so. But once we are in the full height of the season (from early Spring onwards) that can shoot up to close to 4 weeks.

And we know that the first Spring-like day we get in 2019 will lead to a doubling of phone calls and enquiries.

So, to be sure to get what you want when you want it, please start making those playground plans as soon as you can. We’d love to hear from you.

From Planning to Completion

Here’s one commercial playground project which illustrates this. From the initial brief to providing a finalised planning drawing….

Commercial Playground Planning

to the finished product took 4-5 months. And this was with a very professional client who was focussed on the project in hand and moved quickly.

Commercial Playgrounds Planning

School Playgrounds and holidays

OK some schools have lots of space and can quite happily fence off a section of their grounds for a few days while the play equipment is installed. However many have to use their main playground which is in daily use by the pupils. For them the only alternative is holiday time; but of course that is exactly when demand is highest for playground and surfacing companies.

(by the way, if you haven’t decided on playground surfacing this may be worth a read)

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