Zip Wires

Zip Wires for Commercial Playgrounds

Dynamic, exciting additions to commercial playgrounds, zip wires are ever popular with children of all ages.

Zip Wires Timber Commercial Playgrounds Home Front

Zip Wires Timber Commercial Playgrounds Home Front

Left – Zip wire starting platform with side ladder access and front ramp

Right – Zip wire end structure. Matting used down length of zip wire to protect the grass
















Zip Wire Installation

We make our zip wire structures out of massive 6×4 and 6×6 pressure treated timber. The timber (as in all our playground constructions) is beautifully smooth and has gentle, rounded edges to minimise the chance of splinters. Each zip wire installation is individually designed to take account of the space available and the slope of the ground. Ideally the ground should be flat or slightly sloping in the direction of travel. A slope in the opposite direction is not advisable.Zip wires. Commercial zip wire installation


We normally design in a side access ladder or steps, then a ramp which is used for take off or to climb back up. The zip wire equipment itself is very strong, durable stainless steel. We only use commercially certified parts from one of Europe’s leading suppliers. The seat is adjustable according to the individual requirements.

Custom Designed Zip Wires

As  well as the standard zip wire installation above, we have been asked to construct custom designed zip wires. Below is a zip wire which we built into a specially designed village play area

Commercial Custom Design Zip Wire wooden Commercial play Area Commercial Custom Design Zip Wire wooden Commercial play Area


And here is another village playground. A double zip wire with two separatae lines set up on the village green space. We managed to find space in the trees for the starting platforms so it makes it feel like a jungle trail.

Remember, though, that the steel cable on the zip wire run will stretch a little in use, especially at the beginning.  And being steel, it will expand a little in the heat.

You can see more images of these plus lots of the other commercial playground installations in our commercial photo gallery.

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