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Home Front Commercial Playground Swing Swing frame from home front commercial playgrounds




Swings are a children’s favourite


Swings are a firm favourite of children everywhere – and Home Front Playgrounds can supply and install the perfect frame for your commercial location.

Solid Construction

Ours are made from solid 130mm x 90mm square timber fixed together with massive steel connectors and fitted with commercial quality twin bolt swing hangers. You can have up to two positions per bay and up to two bays per frame. Nests require a double width (two-position) swing beam per swing.

Choose your Swing Seat

We have  a selection of seats which are all compatible with these frames – flat swings for all purpose use, infant swings which will hold younger users safely in place and nest swings so more than one child can share the experience together.  We can also provide a selection of accessible seats – please ask us for details.

Safer Surfacing for your swings

We always recommend that safer surfacing be installed under commercial swingframes to minimise the risk of accidents. There is a wide choice here and you can find more information in our Safer Surfacing section. And don’t forget you will need a large safety margin in front of and behind the swings. If you can erect a fence or barrier to stop children running in front then all the better.


Commercial Play Equipment Nest Swing

Nest Swing

Home Front Commercial Play Equipment Children Adventure Swings Swing Seat

Flat Swing

Home Front Commercial Play Equipment Children System Swings Swing Seat

Infant Swing