Home Front Commercial Playground Surfacing Grassmats

Grassmats Playground SurfacingGrassmats Safer Surfacing COmmercial Playgrounds

Grassmats are a low-cost surfacing option. They look natural and are easy to install.

Grassmats are made from soft rubber (left) with an open lattice design. This allows the grass to grow through the holes, so in a short period of time the mats themselves all but disappear (below). They have the added benefit of protecting the grass surface, so it is even possible to sow grass seed and for the grass to grow without being destroyed by the playground usage.


Grassmats Playground Surfacing Home Front Commercial PlayIf your ground is particulary soft, they can sink into the surface over time, in which case we recommend the use of a ground stabilising mesh which will help prevent that. Grassmats are not suitable for use on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac as they will not achieve the required critical fall height (CFH) protection.

Easy to Install

But one of their chief advantages is that, unlike almost all other playground surfacing options, they can be laid by anyone. This can substantially reduce your costs in any new commercial play installation.

Grassmats are normally supplied in 1.5m x 1m sections and are fixed to the ground with pegs and tied to together with cable ties.


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