Playground Sandboxes

Playground Sandboxes


A playground sandbox is a great addition to any school play area. Children love to play in sandboxes. They are a perfect location for social interaction as well as creative play. And it’s a chance for them to get a little bit mucky. Our standard sandbox size is 1.4m x 1.4m which allows several children to play together, but we can make any size and depth you want. One of our popular sizes is our massive 3m wide sandbox with roof (right)

HHome Front Commercial Outdoor Play Equipment playground sandboxes and sandpits

All our playground sandboxes come complete with lift-off timber lids with handles so you can keep the sand clean when not in use. And there is a permeable membrane base so water can drain away. You can also add the option of a weatherproof roof to protect the children from the sun.

Remember though to regularly check the sand inside the sandbox for any extraneous items – sharp or pointed objects can get hidden and cause injury. We recommend only using special washed playground sand in our sandboxes. As well as being more pleasant to use it is also safer. Depending on the degree of usage be prepared to replace the sand as required.

See images below for details or inspiration.


Home Front Commercial Sandboxes and Sandpits Home Front Commercial Playgroudn Equipment Sandboxes and Sandpits

Interested in other playground structures ?


There is plenty more you can put in your playground to entertain your children. As well as our huge range of climbing equipment we have a selection of playhouses which are perfect for socialising and staying out of the weather. We make all this equipment ourselves in our own factory so we can be sure of the quality. And this also means we can create a bespoke structure for you.

Please call us for more details.