Commercial Multiplay

Multiplay Commercial Playground


We call it multiplay – but it is essentially a collection of play towers with climbing activities attached. And its always the most popular choice for commercial playgrounds – whether a school, pub or public play space. Multiplay is based around a central clubhouse (or clubhouses).  Then you have a choice of accessories to customise the design. If space allows it’s always a great idea to have two (or more) multiplay clubhouses to join together. This provides so much more play space and depending on your choice of connectors, more scope for imagination play. We can provide all sorts of bridges and connectors – including rope bridges and tunnels. Have a look at our selection here.

As far as deck heights are concerned, we have a choice of 4 different sizes – all easy to configure and adapt with your choice of accessories. More details on each are below, and clicking on the image will take you to the relevant web page so you can get more details of each multiplay clubhouse range.


Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Schools. Wooden Playground Equipment
Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Schools. Wooden Playground Equipment
Home Front Commercial Multiplay Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Timber Canyon Clubhouse
 Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Schools. Wooden Playground Equipment
Meadow – the smallest of our clubhouses with a 1m (or less) playdeck And here is a run of three Meadow clubhouses, connected by bridges of varying kinds Canyon – the choice for pre schools and nurseries. Has a 1.2m playdeck A pair of Canyon Clubhouses in a Nursery School
Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Pubs. Wooden Playground Equipment
Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Schools. Wooden Playground Equipment
Commercial Multiplay Mountain Clubhouse
Multiplay Commercial Clubhouse for Schools. Wooden Playground Equipment
Jungle – easily our most popular range thanks to its versatility for most age groups  A trio of Jungle Clubhouses in a school playground Mountain – with playdecks at 1.5m and 2.1m this range gives a huge scope for accessories including the fabulous spiral slide  A school play area withe Mountain and Jungle Clubhouses taking advantage of the natural slope



Choice of Accessories for your Multiplay Clubhouse

Once you have picked the multiplay clubhouse which is right for your commercial play area then you can customise the design with our choice of accessories. What you choose will be dependent on the site and the users, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

Climb up with a net, rock wall, gangplank, ladder among others – see our selection here

And a slide of some kind is a “must” for any play equipment.We have several to choose from.

If you have the space and the budget, then an additional clubhouse (or more) will really add play value to your installation. The scope for imagination play is huge when you are able to join clubhouses together. We have a choice of bridges of all sorts, including net bridges and wobble bridges. Or you can add a colourful connecting crawl tube.


And finally, for some inspiration on what you might like, have a look at our photo gallery where there are photographs of some of the many projects we have successfully completed.