Meadow Clubhouse


Meadow Clubhouse

This is our smallest and simplest clubhouse in the multiplay range. Meadow Clubhouse has a playdeck at 0.6m (other heights available if you want) with side safety rails and a choice of accessories. It is very popular with pre-schools and nurseries due to its low height and ease of supervision with the open sides. Under EN1176 safer surfacing is not required at this height but many users choose to do so to give them an all-weather play surface. You can find out more about our choice of safety surfacing here.


Customise your Meadow Clubhouse installation


This clubhouse can be used on its own – and it has quite a small footprint so great where space is limited. Or better still you can install it in pairs or multiples with our choice of connections. Visit our accessories pages to see what you can add – simple steps or ramps to climb up and  down or even a short slide.




We make this from top quality pressure treated timber from responsibly managed sources. The faces are all planed super smooth and there is a generous rounding on the edges to minimise the chance of splinters. The posts are a solid 150mm x 90mm, and the deck is made from 150mm x 45mm. All fixings are stainless steel or galvanised. The deck is 1m x 1m and is set at 0.6m high; but our flexible manufacturing process allows us to adapt this to your requirements.