Custom Commercial Playground

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Here’s a case history of a typical custom commercial playground we have undertaken


Custom Design for Adventure Ship in play park home front commecial playgroundsCustom designed Megaship in Adventure Park









Custom Design Playground for Adventure Park

An activity park in the south east wanted a custom designed commercial playground – specifically a pirate themed play area. They were fortunate in having a large area to work with so we came up with the idea of an Adventure Ship with a wide range of play activities. Then we linked this via a playtrail to an island with a mini fort. The “island” was already there – so instead of the cost of removing the soil we incorporated it into the design and made a useful feature out if it. The fort was scaled down so it could be used as a dedicated area for younger children yet was still integrated into the whole playground. Meanwhile the Adventure Ship provided the more challenging play activities to keep older children amused.


 Home Front Mini Adventure Fort in childrens play areaHome Front Mini Adventure Fort in childrens play areaHome Front custom design play area in Holiday Park





Extra Design Ideas to make the Playground Special

The island was topped off with some palm trees and we customised pretend play canon which were laid out on the island too. As well as being an attractive and attention grabbing feature, children could use them in their pretend play and even sit on them. Finally we did a customised piece of climbing apparatus in the shape of a shipwreck for added fun and extra play value.

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