Commercial Playground Accessories

Make Your Commercial Playground Special

Here you can choose the accessories to fit onto your Multiplay Clubhouse system. The imaginative use of accessories can really make a big difference to your final playground installation, and while there are certain items which we install onto almost every single commercial playground we have ever built (eg a slide) there are many others to choose from too. For the more adventurous and older age groups what about a monkey bar or a traverse net ? For younger children we have a selection of springers and play panels to spark the imagination.


This is the way up onto the play decks; and this can be as easy as you want (eg a gangplank) or much more demanding  (eg a vertical rockwall). We suggest that the choice of access be led by the age groups and abilities of the children. The key is to have a level of challenge which will keep the play equipment interesting without scaring them off. We can give advice on this as well as any other aspect of your commercial playground design. More Information


If you have the space and the budget to have multiple clubhouses (and this is always desirable if you have a group of children to cope with) then you need to join them together. Have a look through our selection of bridges and tunnels  – we have something for everyone. More Information


As noted above the “must have” more most multiplay commercial playground installation. Have a look at our choice of straight and spiral slides. More Information


We install a lot of play areas with open play decks, and our fort range is conceived with that design in mind. But the normal choice is to put some sort of roof on the structure. This is partly for aesthetic reasons, but it also means that the rain is kept off the play decks so they don’t attract the dirt and algae so much. More Information


Here we have a selection of accesories to put the finishing touches on your play area. Maybe a play panel, a bottom clubhouse, a bubble panel ? The choice is huge and you can personalise your playground for surprisingly little cost.  More Information