Commercial Play Equipment

Commercial Play Equipment

Commercial play equipment from Home Front, school playgroundHome Front Playgrounds has been providing outdoor commercial play equipment for schools, nurseries, pubs, hotels etc for more than 15 years. With our proven modular design we have the flexibility to create individual playgrounds of all shapes and sizes, and all at prices which are surprisingly modest.

Maybe you are a school looking for a KS2 playground, with a focus on active, educational play. You’ll find lots of inspiration in these pages whatever your requirements or budget. Our range covers the ever popular multiplay tower systems to playtrails and playground structures. We can also provide play equipment for pre-schools and nurseries; specially designed to provide the youngest with involving, safe play.



Home Front Commercial Play Equipment in Country Pub

We can also supply commercial play equipment to pubs, hotels, leisure parks

If you are a pub planning to add play equipment to the garden for the summer season this is the time to start. An attractive garden with children’s activities can really boost that all important family trade and give a pub owner a real point of difference with neighbouring establishments. We are experts in creating the ideal play equipment installation whatever the space and budget.

Or a holiday site wanting to increase the features for their guests; we’ve done lots of these before so we’re sure we will have the right playground for you.

Play Equipment Custom Designed for You


Almost every outdoor play project is slightly different, and the requirements for commercial playgrounds are quite specialised. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with the right play equipment for each individual user; and as we have our own manufacturing facility we can custom design playgrounds on a tailor-made basis. We have lots of examples of bespoke designs – but if you want to read about a specific case study from beginning to end,  here is a story of one such project.


Huge choice of play equipment for all sectors

You can explore our extensive range of commercial outdoor play equipment by searching through the drop-down menus above, or see what others have chosen for their playground by having a look through our gallery.


Commercial timber Play Equipmen for Nursery School reception class

Canyon Clubhouse

Commercial Pub Play Equipment from Home Front commercial playgrounds

Jungle Clubhouse

Mountain Clubhouse Hotel Commercial Playground, timber play equipment

Mountain Clubhouse

Commercial Playground Adventure Ship for school play areas

Adventure Play

Trim Trail, Home Front Commercial Play Equipment, Timber Adventure Playtrails

Play Trails