Back Garden Play Equipment

Back Garden Play Equipment from Home Front in beautiful natural timber

 Back Garden Play Equipment from Home Front in beautiful natural timber Jungle ClubhouseBack Garden Play Equipment from Home Front, climbing frame in beautiful natural timber


The best back garden play equipment


No one makes better back garden play equipment than we do. And we have lots of experience in creating, manufacturing and installing these fabulous jungle gyms all over the country. You can choose from one of our great ranges (have a look in the drop down menu above under Residential Play Equipment); or you can scan through our photo gallery and see if some-one else’s design can inspire you. We have picked a number of pre-planned packages for each range which can be a starting point. But as we manufacture all these climbing frames ourselves in our own factory we can easily make the exact design of back garden play equipment for you.


Huge choice of sizes and designs


Below you will find the different ranges of residential climbing frames we provide and some guidance as to how to choose the jungle gym which is best for your home. We have been doing this for more than 15 years so we know how to make the best use of your space and budget. Our clever component system gives us tremendous flexibility in design; and of course because we make all this equipment ourselves we can even make “specials”.


Monkey Climber Base Canyon Clubhouse with swings Jungle Adventurer Clubhouse with swings and bottom clubhouse Home Front Commercial Residential Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Children Mountain Adventurer Home Front Commercial Residential Outdoor Wood Play Equipment Children Lunar Adventurer Home Front Residential Play Equipment Cosmic Adventurer Clubhouse
Monkey Climber Canyon Adventurer Jungle Adventurer Mountain Adventurer Lunar Adventurer

Cosmic Adventurer









Choose a playground which is best for you


These packages incorporate slides, swings, climbing walls, monkey bars etc in different combinations, but you can easily customise you own playground to suit your own needs. And please have a look at our accessories range – you’ll find something for children of all ages.  Even our smallest play system does not economise on construction strength and durability and you can be sure that whatever model you choose, you will have one of the finest and best built jungle gyms on the market today. Find out more about what makes our equipment special

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Not all back garden play equipment is the same

But just a word of caution – a nice photo on the internet can be deceptive. Anyone can make something look better than it is. Just because our equipment may look a bit similar to others you may have seen elsewhere,  there are some real differences in quality which make ours far superior. You can check out some of our design features on this link.