Adult Fitness Equipment


Adult Fitness Equipment

Adult fitness equipment is growing as a category as more and more people recognise the need to stay fit and healthy. Home Front can provide a range of timber exercise equipment which answers this requirement. And unlike the mechanical devices such as cross trainers and exercise bikes, these static pieces have no moving parts to wear out, no steel to rust and require almost no maintenance.

Beautiful Natural Timber

We use sustainable timber (all pressure treated for maximum life) and high quality fixings. The timber sections are all planed smooth with nice gentle edges to minimise the chance of splinters. The natural look is perfectly in keeping with the outside environment so these will look great in any park.


Large choice of Fitness Apparatus

Here’s just a selection of the adult fitness items we can provide for your adult fitness area, but we can also customise individual items to you own design and specification. We can also help you with the layout and design of the area; and by careful planning you will be able to add to the exercise area in the future.

Contact us with your requirements and let us create a fitness section for you.