School Playground Equipment

If you are looking for quality commercial play equipment for your educational establishment, then we can help. Home Front have been designing and creating school play areas for over 10 years, so we understand the best way to combine the play demands for each age group. We also know how to make best use of space in our design stages bearing in mind the need for supervision, incorporating other school activities and, of course, budgets. Maybe your school playground project is dependent on fund raising from the PTA? We can produce attractive colour designs of the new project which will help contributors visualise what they are saving up for. This can really help bring in the support.

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We can provide tall, adventurous play equipment for KS2 children, or smaller units for KS1 or younger. Whatever your requirement our playground equipment is extremely sturdily built from pressure treated timber for maximum durability and comes with a full choice of activities – slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, nets, rock walls etc

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