Back Garden Play Equipment Specifications

Not all back garden play equipment is the same. For example..

– we don’t have weight limits; our clubhouses will take as many people who can get onto the decks

– our equipment is not so light weight that it needs to be secured to the ground with concrete or ground anchors

and here are some more points of difference which we believe makes our equipment superior


Swings on chains Wood on wood construction Swing beams in massive 6×4 Deck planks in 6×2 Commercial style swing hangers
Rope can fray and snap, and over time degrades under uv light. You don’t want a swing rope to break while in use Our structural components (eg decks) aren’t just bolted to the post; we use a wood on wood construction method to add an extra support. And the decks are fixed on by 4 coach screws per corner Some companies use 4×4 timber for their swing beams. We don’t think that’s strong enough so we use 6×4 Our deck planks (including bridge and gangplanks) are 6×2 as this makes them stronger and less likely to flex Top quality swing hangers which are fitted with 12mm bolt through fixings so they can’t pull out. Compare these with the flimsy styles you see elsewhere