What makes our equipment special ?

More and more families are discovering the advantages of having their own back garden climbing frame as their children benefit from the play value, physical development and social interaction they get from their jungle gym. But more than this, we know that children often use these structures as a focal point for their imagination play. So even when they are not swinging or sliding the clubhouse might be a fairy castle, a fort, a spaceship or almost anything else the game requires.

But not all outdoor play equipment is the same – and we think it is essential to make the right choice when deciding on this important investment.
Some of the key points that make our equipment special are shown on the next page, so, if you are comparing play equipment from several suppliers we suggest that you check their features and specification against ours. The other important thing to bear in mind is that you want to buy equipment which will not be too small or too flimsy for older children to use; even if yours’ are small now they will grow and demand more and more challenging activities. One thing you can be sure of – a Home Front system will last through their childhood and beyond.

Home Front have been providing outdoor play equipment for more than 10 years, and there are now thousands of systems like these in gardens up and down the country. All the units you can see on these web pages are manufactured in our own factory in Wiltshire and have been carefully designed and built to offer the best quality and value on the market today.

We hope you can find something from this site that will be right for your family: our tremendous range and extensive options list means that we are normally able to satisfy most requirements – but if not our collection of expert retail partners will be able to offer helpful advice and guidance.