Canyon Adventurer Twin

Canyon Adventurer Twin – double the fun for smaller adventurers


Home Front Commercial Residential Outdoor Wood Play EquipmentHome Front Residential Play Equipment Canyon Adventurer ClubhouseIf space allows why not connect two clubhouses together to get even more play value ? With our clever modular design system the clubhouses can be positioned in different ways to get maximum flexibility in your choice of accessories. With the bridge and the pair of play decks you have a vast amount of space for your children to play on; and plenty of opportunity to add swings, slides or climbing walls and nets.


Add to an existing Canyon Adventurer Clubhouse

If you already have a single Canyon Adventurer you can even convert it into a Twin at a later date. Or do what the family did in the picture top left – they added a Jungle clubhouse to their existing Canyon, connected by a bridge. So with children of different ages they had swings and accessories in two sizes to keep everyone happy.

Construct your own system or choose a pre-planned package:

Package #1

Package #2

Package #3