Play Equipment for Nurseries and Pre Schools


Nursery School Playground Ideas

We provide commercial playground equipment for nurseries and pre-schools too; and everyone now understands the benefits that outdoor play brings in terms of physical activity, confidence building and social interaction. Even the smallest spaces can be used with an imaginative layout of playground pieces – from small city yards to open fields. We have lots of experience in creating bespoke designs and layouts

Climbing Activity

Our Meadow and Canyon Clubhouse ranges are the most commonly chosen for play areas in nurseries with deck heights of 0.6m – 1.2m. Then we can add slides, gangplanks, rockwalls and all types of climbing activities to grow young muscles. But we can also design equipment to your specifications, so it is ideal for your age group and the play activities can be as undemanding or as challenging as you want them to be.


..or something gentler ?

Then what about our All Aboard range of sit-in vehicles ? They are very solidly constructed so will stand the test of time; and you can use them singly or in groups to provide a wonderful focus for imagination play. Or we have a huge selection of play panels which can be incorporated into other structures (such as our playhouses) or dotted around to provide learning and entertainment.

Click on the images below to see some ideas for your Nursery or Reception Class playground.

Nursery School Meadow Clubhouse Sit in Vehicle for Nuseries and Pre Schools Home Front Commercial Play Equipment Nursery School Playground Nursery and pre School springers rockers seesaws Nursery School Sandbox with roof