Bespoke Commercial Playground

Can we create a bespoke commercial playground for you ?


While our modular construction system gives us tremendous flexibilty in creating the right play area for any commercial situation, sometimes we are called upon the create a bespoke playground design. Here is an example of one particular village who wanted something special.


From design to installation

Here we were asked to develop a bespoke design for a village play area which had to incorporate many different features and was usable by a cross section of ages. We worked with the Parish Council with a selection of plans and drawings to get the different details just right.  The brief favoured a ship concept with a variety of activities; but it had to be as accessible for as many of the age groups which were represented in the village children. So we decided to concentrate the less challenging activities at the bow section where we could take advantage of the ground slope to have lower fall heights. Then, to keep as much separation as possible, we would  have the activities more suited for older children at the rear. This way different age groups could use the equipment simultaneously without getting in each others’ way.

We were also asked to include a zip wire so we manged to integrate the starting platform into the main structure so users could access it from the “ship” without compromising safety.

This has been an enormously succesful design and construction and has led to lots of interest from other locations to come up with something special for their bespoke playground design.


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