Pub Play Equipment

Take Advantage of the Family Market

Its true – pubs are closing every day. But its also true that the most succesful pubs are thriving – and more and more pub operators are looking at outdoor pub play equipment to bring in that all important family audience; because with the family market there are more opportunities to increase the food and soft drink sales too. While the children play in the playground the parents can relax with that drink or meal. You’d be surprised how quickly an investment like this will pay for itself.

Commercial Play Equipment for Pubs Home Front Commercial Playground Clubhouse Pub Garden
City pub with limited space has room for a compact triple Double Jungle in Country Pub Garden


We have a lot of experience in this market, from the big chains and breweries to individual landlords so we know what pub play equipment works best and how to get the most out of a given space and budget.


A Canyon Clubhouse on bark in a pub Less space ? A single Jungle in the garden


Here are a couple of the projects we have done. Or click through the slide show to see more examples of the designs we have undertaken.

A cost effective investment


You don’t need to spend a fortune either. A surprising amount can be achieved with even limited budgets – and with our systems you can always extend the playground at a later stage if more money becomes available. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you increase your customer numbers and sales.