Adventure Play

Our Adventure Ships, Forts and Look Out Towers take the clubhouse system a stage further by building them into a design idea which is great for imagination play. They become exciting play structures which can absorb a large number of children playing at the same time and provide a striking centrepiece to any playground.

Adventure Look Out
In its simplest form this is a large (3.2m across) hexagonal tower with a huge play deck and of course multiple chances to add accessories. You can add a new dimension with a central mini turret with a ladder down to ground level and, like all our designs, this can be combined with other structures via connecting bridges and customised with a big choice of climbing features.

Adventure Ships
From the mini to the mega here is a selection of Adventure Ships to create a real impression in the playground. With options such as a shade sail, slides, nets and climbing walls there are countless chances to get the right design for your space.

Adventure Forts
Take four individual towers, join them together with bridges (with palisades below) then choose from the selection of accessories. You can make the fort “impregnable” by limiting the access points to the inside or spread the footprint and add slides and ramps to the outside too.

They also offer great scope for customisation, with our range of accessories. The designs are highly adaptable and capable of really inspiring children’s imaginations: the adventure play piece becomes a wonderful focus for creativity and role play.